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A Better Way To Manage Admissions

Attract, engage, and enrol students with ease


  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Track every parent interaction
  • Visualise your funnel from enquiry through to enrolment
  • Streamline your admissions process



The Problem

You've been frustrated with your admissions platform for years, and it's been costly in more ways than one.

But you stay with your current solution because
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You're worried learning a new tool will be complicated

Calendar With Time

Your team is busy, and migrating your data to a new platform will take away effort from other priorities

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You have limited budget and worry a better solution is out of reach

Say Hello To Nudge

Nudge is a modern easy-to-use CRM and admissions platform. Manage applications, contacts and communications in one platform. Our hassle-free data transfer gets you up and running fast, without stretching your budget. Plus, a dedicated account manager and tailored setup come at no extra cost.

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CRM That's Easy To Use

  • Benefit from a platform purpose-built for schools.
  • Trigger automation workflows from a status change or completed action.
  • Acknowledge new inquiries with auto-replies, outlining next steps.
  • Work from a single view with all tasks, emails, and data.
  • Customize views for all stakeholders.
  • Automatically import contacts from any source.


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Portals That Speed Up Enrolments

  • Save time and maintain consistency with templates
  • Collect documents using our secure upload feature
  • Automate follow up for missing documents or reminders
  • Track contact preferences & consent
  • Easily and securely collect e-Signatures
  • Track applications in real time and get full funnel visibility
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Parent Friendly Forms

  • Create forms that are easy to build and even easier to fill out.
  • Enjoy instant updates to your CRM and funnel status.
  • Start with a template or customize your own.
  • Easily embed forms on your website, include them in the portal, or share a link.

Free Guide Download

Design and implement a communication plan for each stage of the admissions funnel

Unlock the Secrets of a Winning Admissions Funnel: Proven Strategies to Design and Execute Flawless Communication at Every Stage

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